About Us

Agadirugs was born in Agadir, during October 2017, We provide some of the best rugs that are handmade in Morocco. You don’t have to visit the country to obtain these rugs as we deliver all over the world.

Our first priority goal is to bring 100% satisfaction to our customers by providing them with high quality authentic Moroccan rugs. We must make sure that our products satisfy all quality criteria, such as the absence of defects, smells and stains; safe and prompt shipping, etc. One of our most important and basic values and principles includes the establishment of honest and trustworthy relationships between us and our customers on one hand, and with the artists/craftsmen on the other.

Fascinated by the skills and creativity of the hands who create Moroccan rugs, we devote ourselves to artistic work and to transmit our knowledge on all continents.

Unfortunately, traditional arts and crafts are slowly disappearing worldwide including Morocco due to globalization and other economic and political issues.

Since we bring you handmade rugs from all over the country, you get to be in touch with the Moroccan rugs market without any hassle. The value you can obtain here is nothing short of extraordinary, and it’s one of those things that you just can’t find anywhere else online.