Thank you for your business! Our rugs are a valuable timepiece full of sentiment and tradition that only increases in worth overtime. We promise and guarantee superb quality and excellence in craftsmanship of our rugs. We use 100% premium wool and all-natural, organic ingredients to ensure pliability, a plushy feel and exceptionally soft texture of our Berber carpets.
We photo-shoot our rugs to show you the vivid details of color and design for every rug featured in our shop and we are certain that once you receive it, you will see that it is more beautiful up close in person.
We thank you for your order and be sure you have made the best decision of a worthy investment in your purchasing a rug from us. Moroccan rugs stand to last a lifetime and are resistant to wear, tear and stains. Rugs can easily be spot cleaned or fully washed without color-run or fading.

At our workshop, we can make whatever design and size requested by our clients for custom orders. We will do our best to meet your rugs project needs. Send us a detailed message and we can proceed with your custom order immediately. Please note, processing time needed to complete rug orders depends on rug size, complex designs, additional knot work and weather conditions that affect drying time for the rug. So please allow a minimum of 5 weeks for your custom order prior to shipping. This does not include the timing for shipment and delivery. We always take enough time to give birth to high quality and first-class finish rugs.

After they've been weaved, our rugs go through an indispensable process of torching, washing and cleaning to achieve perfection. Then rugs are softened and fully dried before shipping to our clients. These processes are achieved with a strenuous washing procedure using fresh water and Eco-friendly materials and natural herbs until the rugs are fully clean and take on a fluffy texture and an enhanced look. After washing and softening, your rug will be dried outdoors in the sun for up to 5 days until completely dry.

Our rugs will be fully checked and inspected before packing and shipping. We use cord to adjust and stretch our rugs for a day or so to ensure the finished rug takes on the proper shape and size.

We will give the finishing touches to your rug by re-trimming your rug as needed. Re-trimming achieves excellence to the look of your rug and is a fine example of craftsmanship. Finally our rugs undergo a strict and final inspection before packing it for shipping.

We strictly roll and carefully pack the rugs in protective plastic followed by an outer layer of sacking for center support. Then we continue rolling with foam and plastic piping as needed to avoid bending or wrinkling during transit.

Since natural dyes are used in our rugs, one might note that the designs which are described as black in color may appear to look dark brown when looking at the rug up close. This is the color of natural dye. On the bright side, there is no chemical smell with natural dyes. Usually other rugs have that chemical smell for weeks. You will not get that with our rugs!

Due to your rug being wrapped up in plastic packaging material for a few days, there may be a slight odor when you first unwrap your package upon receipt. It is normal for natural wool to have an odor since it is an animal by-product, from sheep. We highly recommend to place the rug out in open air to help with the smell. Airing the rug out generally does the trick to solve that problem.

The motifs and individual design of a rug can showcase slight irregularities in color and size but it is these minor imperfections that give the rugs a certain charm, and make each its own and one-of-a-kind with uniqueness. We sell rugs that have soul! And like us they are not perfect but close to it to say the least. Even with their slight imperfections, they are beautiful regardless and you will love them unconditionally!

For vintage rugs, we fix and repair as needed. We also wash and clean them before delivery. We select our vintage rugs with taste and expertise and even if it is a vintage rug, it will be in excellent or almost-new condition when you receive it. We do the proper restorations from wear and tear with age of a rug. Furthermore, it is common for most vintage rugs to have that distressed "faded look." With time and age, you can see oxidation of the colors. Another important fact relating to vintage rugs is that the shine and sheen is much more than one of brand new. The gently distressed texture and the subtle and more neutral colors from the faded look of a vintage one looks more appealing sometimes than the bright and warmer colors of a newer rug.

Moroccan Berber Rugs are quite easy to clean and take care of and stain resistant. But please follow these instructions in case of dirt, grime and accidental soiling:

To clean our rugs, simply vacuum regularly to pick up surface dirt and dust.
Blot away any spills on the spot with mild soap and Cold Water. DO NOT use any oxygen cleaners.
Mix 1/3 portion of detergent to 2/3 portion of COLD or LUKEWARM WATER. Use a gentle scrubbing brush to remove tougher stains.
Use cold or lukewarm water to avoid shrinkage or damage to the wool rug.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to prevent fading.
For best results, professional cleaning is recommended.

Contact us at info@agadirugs.com for any supplementary questions.